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This Merchant Navy Charity works hard to support the needs of the UK’s Merchant Navy Veterans, their families and dependants…the “Forgotten Service”.

Merchant ships continue to transport essential supplies, in all weathers, to support HM Forces in conflict situations across the world.  This particularly in Afghanistan and before that in both Gulf wars.  In 1982 over 3,000 merchant seafarers received the South Atlantic Medal after the Falklands Conflict.  Over 70 ships, with Merchant Navy Seafarers, were part of the maritime task force.

In fact in all the major conflicts, since 1945, the line of Merchant Navy support has never been broken.  When this country needed the services of the Merchant Navy and its merchant seafarers they have been there, always in the background, but always in that necessary support role.  They also kept the nation fed, planes in the air and machinery on the front line ensuring thousands of working people had the materials necessary to maintain the war effort.

The Merchant Navy suffered appalling losses and injuries with many needing your help today.  Think of men, their ship sunk, mainly in open life-boats for days and weeks in the Second World War, off pay if they survive the elements with no money for their families.

Their commitment and sacrifice has never been truly recognised or acknowledged with 1 in 4 dying at sea in WWII; they have no grave but the sea. They are proud people, often independent minded who are reluctant to ask for help or charity handouts but they do need help and they do need you.  We are all there for them just as they were all there for us. Many are isolated, without family or friends, and many have passed away far too young having no record of their heroism, but we can make a difference today.

The Merchant Navy Association Charity has been active in the voluntary sector since 1989, campaigning on behalf of all those seafarers in need both ashore and afloat and to record what they achieved. Over one million men and women are part of the UK’s merchant seafaring communities with our Merchant Navy veterans needing your support the most…please help us to help them. 

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Capt John Sail MNM MNI
MNA National Chairman  



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